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Click Here for Catahoula Penn Hip Data

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Why Test?

Hip dysplasia is prevalent in Catahoulas, as in all large breeds.  We believe that hip testing is a useful tool for making sound breeding decisions towards improving the breed as a whole.


Penn Hip vs. O.F.A.

Penn Hip and O.F.A. are two different organizations that evaluate hip x-rays using different methods.   O.F.A. will not certify xrays unless the dog is over two years old, whereas Penn Hip will certify younger dogs but is more costly because it requires two additional x-rays.  Our dogs are certified by either Penn Hip or O.F.A. depending upon their age at the time of the x-ray.


Our Policy:

With rare exception, all of our breeding dogs have had their hips X-rayed and certified  through either O.F.A. (Orthopaedic Foundation of America) or Penn Hip (University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program) and rated as well above the standard suitable for breeding. 


Test Results of Dogs in our Breeding Program:

Fable - Penn Hip .29/.29, above the 90th percentile

Crunch - Penn Hip .26/.30, above the 90th percentile

Kitty - Penn Hip .28/.36, 90th percentile

Cayo - Penn Hip .16/.20 100th percentile (owned by Conch Catahoulas)

Dixie - O.F.A. Excellent

Wizard - Penn Hip .50/.54, 60th percentile

Chili - Penn Hip .36/.36, 90th percentile (owned by Facahatchee Catahoulas)

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