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All of our Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dogs are working dogs and family dogs.  They work cattle on the farm,  hunt in the woods and are well  mannered.  With rare exception, all of our breeding dogs have had their hips X-rayed and certified  through either O.F.A. (Orthopaedic Foundation of America) or Penn Hip (University of Pennsylvania Hip Improvement Program) and rated as well above the standard suitable for breeding.  All of our dogs have been tested negative for brucellosis.  Other specific health testing is performed as indicated.

Our breeding program focuses on the basics: working ability, sound physical condition, good health care and careful breeding choices aimed at improving the breed as a whole.   We believe only the best catahoulas should be bred.  Each puppy is independently evaluated, and those that exhibit major faults, genetic defects, or otherwise do not meet our high standards will be placed without breeding papers.  Pups are whelped and raised indoors to maximize socialization opportunities.  The receive veterinary care, shots and worming and are guaranteed to be in good health upon delivery.  

Deposits are accepted when a litter is planned. Your deposit will hold your place on the waiting list, but will not necessarily reserve a particular puppy.  At approximately 7 weeks of age, pups will be evaluated by the breeder for conformation, temperament and suitability for work/show and breeding.  Profiles of each puppy will be provided to those on the waiting list, who will then be permitted to choose in the order in which their deposits were received.  Your deposit will be refunded if there is no pup available that meets your expectations.  The breeder reserves the right to remove any pup from availability.  

If you are interested in a pup, please email us at catahoulas@pumpkinhill.net, or click contact us for phone.


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